Copywriter & Owner

Robert C. Sulser, SULSER WERBUNG

I was able to get to know and appreciate Miguel Serrano in various aspects of his work. His excellent reputation as a creative inspirer and excellent communicator - both at Ricola and at Nestlé - is well founded. He is highly respected by all his stakeholders for his vast professional knowledge, his profound, wholesome international experience as well as his winning aura and presence, be it in small working groups as much as in front of large audiences. The combination of light-hearted Mediterranean flair and reliable Swiss quality-mindedness make it easy for him to master delicate situations, correctly assess risks and successfully implement business visions and plans with focus and perseverance. He always applies very high standards and empowers people first to achieve more together. Miguel Serrano is a real master in business and leadership. I highly recommend him with full trust in his skills.