I believe the most important words beyond "I LOVE YOU" in any valued relationship be it professionally or personally are the words "TELL ME MORE". Am blessed with many amazing people in my life that all taught me invaluable lessons. A heartfelt THANK YOU.

Jerome Fontaine, FOURNAISE

CEO & Marketing Performance Chief

Miguel belongs to this rare breed of Senior Marketers who are 100% driven by Effectiveness, ROI & Accountability, with the sole objective of delivering real business results, for growth acceleration. He is both highly strategic and tactical (which is a rare combination). He embraces data for best decision-making, is open-minded, and makes things happen.

May 10, 2020

Hoi Kwan Navy Lam, HEIQ

Group Chief Marketing Officer

I always look up to Miguel for his leadership and communication skills. I met Miguel in 2015 during a visit to the Nestle headquarters and he has since become a very good mentor and friend who helped me realize my potential and inspired me to pursue what really makes me happy and become my better self. Every time we meet, I learn something important from Miguel which I can immediately apply in my daily life to live a more meaningful life and create more value for the people around me.

May 8, 2020

Laura Albers, NESTLE

Food Safety Quality Specialist

I had the chance to work with Miguel in my role as project manager for wet culinary products in the Thomy Application Group and I was impressed by his passion for Innovation and the way he lead us to his vision of a more sustainable and healthier product range. He was pushing strongly for “all natural” ingredients before this became a priority for new Nestle products. The launch of organic mustard and mayonnaise as well as the implementation of free-range eggs were really challenging projects which ended up in a success story especially due to a very good communication between him and his team. Miguel, with his humorous and friendly character was encouraging and motivating me to exceed the limits during development of new products never losing the focus on speed to the market and consumer demands.

May 4, 2020

Lluis Martinez-Ribes, ESADE UNIVERSITY


I still remember the first time I met Miguel. He was seating in the first row at ESADE business school when I was running a workshop on Retail Innovation for top managers via Saint Gallen University. It was mid-September 2011 in Barcelona. I discovered an open-minded person, very curious, ready to explore brain-pleasing marketing methods for his job. At that time, he was managing the Thomy brand business in Switzerland. Since then, I've had the privilege to team up with him in different projects, both in business and academia. If I had to sum up in one sentence, I would underline three things about Miguel: his effective approach to business, wisdom as a person who likes people, and easy smiles.

May 2, 2020

Robert C. Sulser, SULSER WERBUNG

Copywriter & Owner

I was able to get to know and appreciate Miguel Serrano in various aspects of his work. His excellent reputation as a creative inspirer and excellent communicator - both at Ricola and at Nestlé - is well founded. He is highly respected by all his stakeholders for his vast professional knowledge, his profound, wholesome international experience as well as his winning aura and presence, be it in small working groups as much as in front of large audiences. The combination of light-hearted Mediterranean flair and reliable Swiss quality-mindedness make it easy for him to master delicate situations, correctly assess risks and successfully implement business visions and plans with focus and perseverance. He always applies very high standards and empowers people first to achieve more together. Miguel Serrano is a real master in business and leadership. I highly recommend him with full trust in his skills.

May 2, 2020


Business Development Manager

Miguel is a true visionary leader. Our collaboration began when he was Business Executive Manager of the Culinary Unit at Nestlé. Miguel knows how to grasp the best opportunities and makes the right decisions taking into account the recommendations of his team. Thanks to him, we developed a full range of innovative 100% natural products. Miguel celebrates his successes by making his employees shine. Beyond his managerial skills, Miguel has always been there to give me advice in my professional choices. He is a straightforward, direct and honest person who understands the potential of people. He gives the right advices for someone to develop and advance in his/her career.

May 2, 2020

Haguith Peretz, NESTLE R&D

Global Plant-based Category Leader

It was a pleasure working with you Miguel, dedicated to what you do and with a lot of passion, motivate others and drive for purpose. You care about people, people being at their best in every interaction every day is what matters for you. Thanks for great collaboration to drive our successes. Good luck!!

April 30, 2020

Max Dreussi

ORIOR / Fredag AG

Miguel is simply a great person! His charisma and convincing inspiration are important pillars of this natural leadership. He is continuously searching for innovative opportunities as well as relevant growth pattern. Great guy!

April 24, 2020


Business Manager

I had the privilege to work with Miguel when he was leading the vegetarian business in Nestle. Miguel is an excellent coach, and supported me and my business both practically and inspirationally during vague situations and unclear times. His unique ability to combine innovative, open-minded thinking and methodical ways of communication and implementation, Made him a great mentor, and the one to help me organize ideas and bring them to life.

April 25, 2020

Kathrin Niederlaender, GIVAUDAN

Business Development and Strategy Manager

Miguel supported my professional and personal development as mentor while working at Nestlé Suisse. I still remember the catchy stories and analogies he used to visualize his messages and make them stick. Miguel is an exact observer who shares feedback in an honest, impactful way. I also benefited from his repertoire of experiences from his personal and professional life. He exemplifies vulnerability and authenticity both in his leadership and mentoring style what makes him highly credible and impactful. I especially appreciated his endless energy, empathy and dedication as a mentor, as well as his holistic approach with a spiritual touch.

April 26, 2020

Nico A. Stein, ANPARIO PLC

Commercial Director & Business Transformation

Miguel is one of those guys you might only meet once or twice, but who you will remember forever. I have been lucky enough to meet him more than twice and it has been an honour to work with him and learn from him. A great mentor, natural leader and real growth generator with an open and innovative mindset and a truly unique personality. Make sure you meet him and work with him if you can!

April 27, 2020

Gerald Spitzer, WENBERGMAIER GmbH

General Manager

I have worked very closely with Miguel during my time at Nestlé Switzerland. Miguel is certainly one of the greatest leaders I have met so far in business life. You can see that immediately when looking at the people working with and for him … they are going for the extra-mile due to his highly energetic, positive and inspiring personality. Combined with his excellent international business and marketing skills I have always seen him striving for real, sustainable value. He is not just a manager, he is someone you can grab, who cares, who transforms, who makes the difference and who is a real pleasure to work with.

April 27, 2020


Film Director and Producer

I have had the great pleasure of producing and directing a number of TV campaigns for Miguel. Our work together has led to outstanding market shares (Thomy) and also to several prestigious awards, such as the EFFIE and the CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR AWARD for Maggi in 2009. My intense collaboration with Miguel has introduced me to a strategic marketeer, an engaged leader and a passionate communicator. Miguel not only has a deep understanding of every aspect of the business of communication, but is also a profoundly curious human being with a highly developed sensitivity to emerging cultural, political and socioeconomic trends. This talent has manifested itself across all aspects of our work together. For each project we have embarked on, Miguel's goal has always been to go beyond what has been done before, to push boundaries, and to be relevant for the customer now, at this specific moment. Working with this exceptionally dynamic and innovative individual is always a great pleasure and I can’t wait to see and hear the visionary creations he will conjure up in the future.

April 24, 2020

Jean-Christophe Coubat, GROUPE BEL, SHANGHAI

Senior Vice President

Miguel is an inspirational leader who has been driving his category with charisma and leadership, bringing inspiration and creativity to his teams and to his category. He steered it to make it one of the fastest growing ones in EMENA for Nestlé! It was a pleasure to work with him and his teams both on a personal and on a professional level.

April 23, 2020